Monday, October 17, 2011

it been WAY too long.......

I missed blogging ALL summer and now it is halfway through fall!! Like always we have been crazy busy and since this is really my only form of journaling I must catch up! We have done sooooo much I don't even know where to start, so I guess Ill just start with the latest......
Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch and it was the most
beautiful 75 degree fall night.

The kids loved picking out their pumpkins and so did the adults actually;)
Now we just need to carve them! I think we will paint some this year too....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Her Eyes......

This is what my poor baby girl looks like every day now and I can't even believe how fast it happened. I noticed that she was crossing her eyes a lot and glaring at everything. She was super grumpy and just kept holding her head. Her eyes used to be huge and just sparkle and now they have turned a different color, got smaller and are always crossed in.
So we took her to the Pediatric Optomologist who says she needs glasses....... which was better than the alternatives. We are waiting for them now.
I was fighting back serious tears when the doctor was fitting her for the glasses.
They covered her whole face and she looked so different.
She hated them on her face and just threw them on the ground over and over again.
I hated them because I felt like she was hidden and I just wanted her sparkling green eyes back.
I thought of how she is supposed to start dance and gymnastics next month and how will she do a somersault and how in the world am I going to keep these huge round bottle cap glasses on this 2 year old's face? I don't know why I am so devastated but the truth is I am.
My very favorite thing about Tae was her eyes and I know they will still be hers, but I am going to have to get used to this new look.
I know I will.
I know that I should be grateful that it is not something worse and that glasses are all that she needs, and I am. But I am dreading the constant fight of putting them on her face.
We are just waiting for them to call and say her pink glasses are ready.
I hope she wears them and is able to see, that her eyes will be open and big again, that they make her world better and take her headache away.
We will both get used to them.
Jax has been so sweet to Tae.
He is such a good big brother and takes such good care of her.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My baby girl is 2, going on 15..........

Tae turned 2 yesterday. She is all big girl now, no more baby.
Part of me is sad that she is growing up so fast but the other part of me is absolutely in love with the big girl she is becoming.
She is obsessed with anything princess,
her monkey is with her at all times,
she adores her big brother,
LOVES her Brittany,
has her daddy wrapped around her little finger,
and has EVERY piece of my heart.
She is glued to my side every day,
her favorite word is NO!
She loves strawberry milk,
candy & cake,
dance parties, smelling flowers,
lip gloss, shoes,
Dora & Strawberry Shortcake.
We had the cutest little princess party for Tae in Seattle at my parents house.
She loved every second of it........

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BLAKE'S 30!!!!!!!!

Blake turned the big 30 last week
and man did we celebrate!!
We started with a little mexican fiesta party we had with
all our Salt Lake friends.
yes..... he blew out all 30 candles in one blow.
Then we took off to Vegas for the PERFECT 30th birthday weekend.
I mean we LIVED IT UP!!!
First we went to Blake's fave....Phantom of the Opera
then we ate at the most INCREDIBLE restaurant, Carnevino
recommended by Chris and Amy.
(If you need to know where to eat just ask Amy)
It was TO DIE FOR!
We ate every morning at the Aria breakfast buffet,
spent hours and hours relaxing at the spa,
shopped, shopped and shopped.
Had a Cheeseburger in Paradise,
slept in and
Blake ALMOST won $21,000 on the video poker machine.
(he pressed the wrong button. seriously.)
Then to top it off DD and Ivy met us for our last night there!
It was the most perfect 30th birthday celebration.
We had so much fun in Vegas but the best part was just having time together.
Here's to your next thirty years babe!!!!
I hope they are even better than the first 30......
I can't even imagine how many amazing
memories we will make together.
I love you

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is the life.........

We just spent the most incredible 6 days in Mexico with our friends/the Vestus team.
Nothing could be more perfect than waking up in pure paradise with good friends, good food and sunshine everyday. Our biggest decision was if we should walk up to the spa to get a massage or stay laying out by the pool being served drinks and food. I loved EVERY second of it!
I seriously think we should all move into the Palace in Nuevo Vallarta.....
the beautiful sunset the first night we were there.....
We got up every morning to eat at the breakfast buffet on the beach......
We went on the sunset cruise.......
this was us after our massage on the beach with the breeze blowing and the sound of crashing waves....pure heaven.
we played by the pool.......
We saved the best for the last night and went to our favorite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta,
El Palomar.
The food, the view and the ambiance is unreal.
The seafood platter....

Friday, January 28, 2011

One going on seventeen.......

So Tae grew up sometime last week right before my eyes and I didn't even see it til I snapped this picture of her. We were about to walk out the door to go to Auntie Jen's and there was Tae with her purse and her protein shake that she calls her "milky shake" looking like a teenager.
I can't believe how fast she is growing up and how much attitude can fit into such a little body.
I can't even describe how much I love her..........

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Holiday Madness..........

This holiday season was everything I could have asked for and more. I loved every second of it but I am ready for the new year and for the craziness to be over. There was no way I could capture all of my favorite moments this month but here's what I got.............
The holiday madness started off with a Christmas party we threw for all of our friends. We had a blast and I feel so lucky to have so many truly amazing friends to make memories with over and over again. I think it is really rare to have friends like these. I just wish the Seattle crew could have been there too!
Then we hopped on a plane to Seattle with Jeff, Mindy, Eric and Danielle for the annual
Vestus Christmas party.
We all got to stay at the Hyatt in Bellevue and partied it up at the Parlor had our own balcony for Snowflake Lane, shopped at Bell Square and of course ate way too much at Maggianos.
I lOVE these girls more than I can explain......luckily we get to go on adventures together all the time. From sweating our butts off (literally) at the gym, to being mommies, to traveling around the world....we do it all together!
While the boys went to the Seahawks game we went to Pikes and shopping downtown.
This hot fresh Apple Cider made my day... I can't even tell you how perfectly yummy it was.

Fresh crab, a hot phirosky, Beechers cheese, samples of the yummiest oils and vinegars, a hot vanilla chai at the first ever Starbucks, a hot dog from a stand on the side of the road that Danielle and I split, topped off with boots from the downtown Nordstrom made an amazing day.
The next day we went on the underground tour in Seattle. They told us it was haunted down there and to just start snapping pictures to see if we could capture a ghost. I think we got one to the right of Blake........OOOOOOOH
Then back to Utah we came with my whole family including my sweet Grandma Jean to celebrate Christmas. And it couldn't have been more perfect...........

We started off in Salt Lake and saw the temple lights.
Then we were off to St George for Christmas.
Grandma Jean helped Jax and I make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
I know! My pics are horrible from Christmas but I didn't really fuss about pictures this year and just enjoyed every moment. Jax was the perfect age to feel the magic of Christmas and was sooooo excited for Santa to come! His favorite present was his race track and Tae died over her new little play kitchen.
A bright sunny Christmas day was made perfect by all of my family being with us in St. George and I am so happy that Grandma was able to come so far to spend it with us. We missed Papa more than words can say but I know he was still there with us.

We brought in the New Year with our good friends DD and Ivy and had the most relaxing weekend.
I am so excited for 2011 and for what it will bring for our family.
I have so many goals for this year so wish me luck!!!!